FringeNYC Review

reviewed by J Grawemeyer (excerpt)

Captain Gravy's Wavy Navy, a new musical, is the story of a superhero captain with super-intelligence and Technicolor dream hair. He is ably assisted by the Wavy Navy, a potpourri of comic characters including a pigeon who thinks he is a parrot, a clam who is always happy, and an ancient manatee who is basically Barry White. Also on board are the Captain’s Mama, the bayou-dwelling Blues the Frog, and Mu Pallu, the Captain’s arch-nemesis. Backing them is a well-choreographed ensemble who morph into everything from fish in the sea to Mu’s minions. Oh, and how could I forget Rayadar, the Captain’s lovely assistant—the soul of an Indian princess who has more than navigating the River of Life with the Captain on her mind.
CGWN’s songs are fun and catchy, strung together evenly by comical dialogue (credit co-creator/writers David Cooper and Jeff Katz). The set is non-existent, inviting the audience to imagine it through the use of well-designed props (by Kim Boriin, Carolyn Bakula, and George Collier), such as a blue sheet that represents the River of Life and a truly nasty-looking brown sheet that defines the Dirty Empire, Mu’s secret hideout. The costumes (uncredited) are top-notch in defining the characters for adults while wowing kids with bright colors. All in all, this hodgepodge musical is fun...
...Regardless of some inconsistency, CGWN is fun and funny. The cast is great and seem to really enjoy working together—a sign that they worked hard to get somewhere. Where?—FringeNYC, silly!

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