"Where's The Moon" - 2003 FringeNYC Preview

by Jeff Katz & David Cooper

In the exotic utopia known as the "River of Life", something smelly is in the air. Mu Pollu, the Duke of Dirt, has stolen the moon in a dastardly plot to become the frozen seafood king of the world. Our hero, Captain Gravy and his colorful Wavy Navy are the only ones who can stop the greasy, grimy, Mu. The Wavy Navy features: Rayadar, the spirit of a beautiful Indian princess as Chief Navigator; Walter Wannabe, a Bronx pigeon who thinks he's a parrot; Happy the Clam, whose sly humor and optimistic spirit has the power to make everyone Happy; Manny-T, the 2000 pound soulful manatee (He's the lover of the sea); Blues the Frog, who says everything twice because he thinks it sounds so nice.

The lyrics to the title track set the show's tone, inviting the audience to "go where the things you dare to dream come true." This positive message is reinforced throughout the imaginative storyline and original 10 song soundtrack, making the experience appealing to the entire family. The show acts as a source of edu-tainment, teaching valuable lessons about life.

Captain Gravy has mood hair. The audience will witness the Captain's changing moods through his hair. They will also travel aboard the ever-changing Hip Ship, "transmorphing" into the Gravy Train, the Gravy Boat, the Gravy Jet and the Gravy Mini-Sub. A talented multicultural cast of 14 will open your imagination to new possibilities. Welcome aboard!

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