"Where's The Moon?", the Magical Musical

Captain Gravy and the cast
Mu Pollu and his henchfolk: Toxie, Dirty Birdy, Haz-Matt and Burp
Captain Gravy and Rayadar
The Man in the Moon
Happy the Clam, Captain Gravy, Walter Wannabe, and The Clamettes
The entire cast of "Captain Gravy's Wavy Navy: Where's The Moon?"
Rayadar and Manny-T
The Wavy Navy is trapped in Mu Pollu's Odorama
Mama helps the Man in the Moon get in his feet
A closeup of our hero - Captain Gravy
"I only have eight arms, ya know!" - The Octorator
"Mama on the line!"
"Here's your moon, Mr. Man...in the Moon!"
"A big storm kicked up from the east... uh, west"
Wavy Navy trapped in Mu's Microthermal Oven

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